Build your collective force. Attract the right talent, develop exceptional leaders, and create a thriving culture.


Craft a clear vision and sharpen your leadership skills.


Build a high performance team with unstoppable momentum.


Develop an agile organization that scales.


Craft a clear visison and sharpen your leadership skills.


Build a high performance team with unstoppable momentum.


Develop an agile organization that succeeds at any size.

  • Leadership Development
  • Organization Development
  • Team Building
  • Facilitation

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Unleash the Leader Inside

Top executives need coaches just like top athletes do, especially as their organizations grow. That’s where InMomentum comes in. With our leadership and executive development services, you’ll cultivate the habits and traits you need to become a truly exceptional leader—so you can inspire the next generation of leaders and contribute more than ever to your organization’s success.

Services Include:

Coaching and Training—Work with your own personal advisor to sharpen your leadership skills, so you can get standout results from everyone on your team.

Leadership Assessment—Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each leader in your organization, and learn how to value and leverage their diverse skills and styles.

Competency Development—Set personalized goals based on best practices in leadership development and your organization’s own unique leadership models.

360-Degree Feedback—Track and measure each leader’s development using our customizable, web-based feedback tools.

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Organization Development

Organization Development

Fast Track Your Growth

Today’s best technologies rely on super-powerful, super-fast operating systems. So do today’s best businesses—and we can help you create one. With an organizational OS to power your business processes and structures, you’ll be able to pinpoint your management style, create consistent standards for hiring, inspire your employees, and transform your results.

Services Include:

Organization Assessment—Learn what drives and impedes your organization, how to improve its functioning, and how to track its progress over time.

Organization Design—Build an organizational blueprint aligned with your strategies and goals, and drive new levels of focus and agility throughout the organization.

Culture Building—Align your leadership, processes, organization and people, so you develop a strong and sustainable culture.

Employee Feedback Surveys and Focus Groups—Understand how your organization works and get actionable feedback through our custom surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

Human Capital Metrics—Assess and track employee engagement, loyalty, and other human capital issues, so you can make better talent management and HR decisions.
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Team Building

Team Building

Create Teams That Move Mountains

To gain real business momentum, you need truly collaborative teams all pulling in the same direction and executing with clockwork efficiency. InMomentum can help. Using proven and measurable team-building processes, we’ll align your people around clear goals, industry best practices, and your company’s own unique culture. Equipped with new levels of focus and a greater sense of purpose, your teams will work harder, be happier, and perform better.

Services Include:

Team Assessment—Find out just how well your team works together and uncover common teamwork problems using our customizable assessment tools.

Leadership Team Development—Help your executive team set clear direction, solve tough challenges, and drive outstanding performance.

Cross-Functional Team Development—Design productive processes and communication pathways so it’s easy to collaborate across every geographical, functional, and business line boundary.

Board, Council, Ad-Hoc Team Development—Boost your board’s performance, create productive customer and advisory councils, and develop effective ad-hoc teams.
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Move from dialogue to decisions

It’s one thing to assemble the right people and tick through an agenda. It’s quite another to create the kind of dialogue that leads to action. That’s why you need an expert moderator on your side. With experience designing and leading conversations for think tanks, boards and technology leaders, InMomentum can take your team from discussion to dialogue to decisions. Our approach emphasizes practical conversations, meaningful collaboration, and focused problem-solving sessions—so you can leave your meetings with actual, real-world plans.

Services Include:

Strategic Planning Meetings—Chart the future of your business and design actionable long- and short-term plans through our guided planning process.

Executive Retreats—Drive enterprise-wide focus and accountability through facilitated events that grow your leadership team and foster cross-functional collaboration.

Team Offsites—Rejuvenate, motivate, and align your team through our custom-designed and facilitated meetings that are both engaging and educational.

Problem-Solving and Brainstorming Sessions—Discover untapped ideas about your most complex business challenges and forge action and accountability with your key players through our facilitated programs.
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Daniele Farnedi

A great engineering culture depends on trust, teamwork and skilled leadership. The most important part of any CTO’s job is to build a free and open environment that challenges and enables each engineer to play their best game.

Daniele Farnedi, CTO Trulia

Brandon Levey

Working with an organizational consultant has been one of the most important things I’ve done to grow my business.

Brandon Levey, Founder &CEO, Stitch Labs

Greg Waldorf

Scaling a start-up requires capable leaders and an effective operating system that drives accountability, performance and collaboration. Most founders would benefit from working with a consultant like Lynne who knows where the rubber meets the road and how to get everyone working seamlessly.

Greg Waldorf, Investor and CEO, Invoice2go

Jeff Veen

Investing in culture might be the best competitive edge you can gain.

Jeff Veen, Design Partner, True Venture and co-Founder, TypeKit

Amy Errett

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that it’s all about the people. Fostering a culture where your mission and values are real and tangible for every team member is absolutely critical to any company’s success, especially as you scale.

Amy Errett, Founder & CEO, Madison Reed

Dr. Lynne Waldera

Founder and CEO


About Lynne Waldera

Lynne is founder and CEO of InMomentum, a San Francisco Bay-area management consultancy that delivers practical, data-driven organization and executive development services to high-growth businesses. Since founding the firm in 1999, Lynne has served as an advisor to such early- and growth-stage technology companies as eHarmony, MadisonReed, NuBank, and Trulia.

Prior to founding InMomentum, Lynne served as Vice-President of HR and Managing Director at Cunningham Communication, a leading technology public relations firm. Previously, Lynne was a partner at the Chicago-based management and communication consulting firm, Gehlhausen Ruda & Associates.

Lynne is a frequent speaker on the topics of organizational culture and leadership and is a senior moderator at the Aspen Institute, where she leads a variety of seminars, including the Aspen Executive Seminar and Leadership and Character Seminar. She holds memberships in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the International Positive Psychology Association.

Lynne also serves as an advisory board member for Hope Hospice of Pleasanton and Momentum for Mental Health, the largest community-based mental healthcare provider in the San Francisco Bay area. Formerly, she served as Board Chair of the Alliance for Mental Health and as an advisory board member for ZeroOne: The Art and Technology Network.

Lynne earned a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Duquesne University. She and her husband, Tom, reside in Pleasanton, California.

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