Executive Coaching that converts your potential into results.

Navigating business in a high growth environment is filled with peaks and valleys. Partnering with Lynne gives leaders support, energy and enthusiasm to slay any dragon.

Lynne listens deeply so she can support the founder or executive where and how they need it most. Instead of cookie-cutter methodologies and frameworks, she applies tools forged from science and from her deep well of experience.

Co-founder Coaching

Lynne has worked with many founders to optimize this crucial relationship. From pre-formation to significant transitions, she can support founders within all phases of company growth.

CEO Coaching

Lynne has worked with experienced as well as brand new CEOs to listen and give support where they need it most.

Board & Employee Facilitation

Lynne frequently works with CEOs to navigate complex relationships and situations within and outside their organization.

The team’s the thing—team coaching and building.

A team united around common strategy and purpose, armed with superior communication skills, simply outperforms the competition. Every time.

Too many executive coaches focus on the leader but ignore the team. Lynne understands that to optimize a business, we must build trust and cohesion with the full leadership team.

Leadership Assessment

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each leader in your organization, and learn how to value and leverage their diverse skills and styles.

Cross-Functional Team Development

Design productive processes and communication pathways so it’s easy to collaborate across every geographical, functional, and business line boundary.

360-Degree Feedback

Track and measure each leader’s development using our customizable, web-based feedback tools.

Team Facilitation and Retreats

Drive enterprise-wide focus and accountability through facilitated events that grow your leadership team and foster cross-functional collaboration.

Organization Development

In healthy and productive cultures, people are truly empowered and held accountable to high standards of excellence and integrity. People are supported with clear goals, constructive feedback and appropriate rewards and recognition.

A good culture doesn’t happen by accident. Lynne helps companies design organizational structures, systems and processes so that they can execute their strategy with precision and scale.

Leadership Assessment

Learn what drives and impedes your organization, how to improve its functioning, and how to track its progress over time.

Organization Design

Build an organizational blueprint aligned with your strategies and goals, and drive new levels of focus and agility throughout the organization.

Culture Building

Align your leadership, processes, organization and people, so you develop a strong and sustainable culture.

Selection System Design and Candidate Assessment

Know who you need to hire. Use tools, training and assessments to empower your team to hire the right talent.

Employee Feedback Surveys and Focus Groups

Understand how your organization works and get actionable feedback through our custom surveys, focus groups, and interviews.