Lynne W.

Lynne believes we are at our best when engaged in meaningful work. Work that fulfills our needs for mastery, impact and connection. She’s made it her life’s mission to enable founders and executives to unlock the potential of their teams and their own leadership.

Since founding InMomentum, Lynne has helped scores of highly successful early-and growth-stage technology companies achieve success through bespoke team and executive coaching, organizational design and leadership development. Many of the Valley’s leading venture capital firms have Lynne on speed-dial to build trust, enhance communication, hire well and enhance company culture for their portfolio companies.

Prior to founding InMomentum, Lynne served as Vice-President of HR and Managing Director at Cunningham Communication, a leading technology public relations firm. Previously, Lynne was a partner at the Chicago-based management and communication consulting firm, Gehlhausen Ruda & Associates.

Lynne is a frequent speaker on the topics of organizational culture and leadership and is a senior moderator at the Aspen Institute, where she leads a variety of seminars, including the Aspen Executive Seminar and various Aspen Global Leadership Network programs. She’s a mentor for the Techstars Sustainability Incubator in conjunction with the Nature Conservancy.

Lynne earned a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Duquesne University.

With her husband Tom, she lives close to wilderness, among her piles of books, fledgling garden, and semi-domesticated animals in Pleasanton, California. You're likely to find her in the middle of some life hack designed to help her find the Aristotelian Golden Mean. A world traveler, Lynne's trying to reduce her carbon footprint and atone for her frequent flier miles. She's working to make the world a better place through dialogue, listening and respect.

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