“I want Lynne on my team. And I want her regularly there and available to me and other people in the company. I think what she brings is a valuable part of what I do as a CEO.”

Greg Steiner
CEO HelloTech

I’m a serial operator who has used Lynne for organization development and coaching at three different companies, all dynamic organizations going through high growth.


How do I structure my organization for rapid growth? How do I knit together executive teams when I’ve come in as CEO at a later date?


When I come into a company on the precipice of rapid growth, I ask Lynne to lead offsites where we come together and mutually agree on our path forward. I won’t do a team offsite or planning session without Lynne as facilitator. She prepares and then guides the conversation, allowing me to be a participant instead of the leader. This puts key decisions out on the table, with a skilled facilitator who can drive us to consensus.


• Lynne will help you optimize your organization for growth.
• She will expose blindspots in your own management approach through 360s, feedback programs and executive coaching.
• As a thought partner, Lynne will help you structure the team and put people in the right spots to get the most of your talent.