“Building a company without Lynne’s services is like building a house without a foundation. If you do the work up front, it allows you to move fast, and speed is one of the biggest competitive advantages of a company.”

Brian Requarth
Co-Founder, Latitud

I’m a serial entrepreneur who has worked with Lynne at multiple companies.


How do I rapidly knit together a group of high performers into a highly functioning collective?


With our new executive team we started a series of offsites and exercises I called the “Waldera Experience.” Lynne administered DISC profiles so each member could understand how best to communicate with other members of the team. We also did a series of trust-building exercises to increase the speed of collaboration and communication. Lynne has all the academic credentials, but also uniquely understands the inner workings of a startup company like ours. Her combination of understanding both the theory and the practice allowed these offsites to go deeper than the average.


• Lynne will help you build trust in your organization.
• She will give your team tools to understand how best to communicate with one another. The result is much faster collaboration and decision making.
• She will help reduce friction between founders early in the formation of a company so you can iterate quickly and communicate effectively.