“Lynne’s speciality is navigating phase changes and growing pains. I honestly feel that she is my spirit guide – an important partner who allows me to be at my best as a CEO.”

Mindy Lauck
CEO, Broadly

I am a serial early-stage CEO who has worked with Lynne at multiple companies.


How do I best organize my company after changing our GTM strategy?


I consulted closely with Lynne to plan the organizational design and roll out of our company after changing our GTM strategy. This shift had far reaching implications on how we staffed and what talent we needed for the company. Lynne helped me get alignment with the GTM teams on the new roles, map out all the changes we needed to make, and brainstormed different options for the team’s structure for us to consider. Since Lynne knows me and my executive team, this was highly effective. Lynne uniquely understands that although we wanted these org changes to positively impact our business results, we did not want to negatively affect our team culture in the process.


• Lynne will get an executive team functioning with more trust and efficiency.
• Lynne will provide industry best practices rooted in business results since she understands SAAS startups so well.
• Lynne will help create an organizational “operating system” for high growth companies that will allow them to scale.